MSE Colloquium History

Fall 2019

September 20

Professor Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, Yale University

Title: "Manipulating and modelling electronic states in transition metal oxides"

Host: R. Wentzcovitch

October 4

Professor John C. Crocker, University of Pennsylvania

Title: "Why is everything squishy?"

Host: O. Gang

November 1 

Professor Liangbing Hu, University of Maryland

Title:  Materials Innovations for Emerging Energy Technologies

Host: Y. Yang

November 15

Professor Turan Birol, University of Minnesota

Title:  Correlated Materials Design: Transparent Conducting Oxides and Hund's Metallicity in V-NbDouble Perovskites

Host: I. Noyan

November 22

Professor Matthew Peter Miller, Cornell University

Title:  A new generation of synchrotron-based design tools at CHESS

Host: I. Noyan/J. Kysar

Spring 2019

Coordinator: Yuan Yang

January 18
Professor Feng Lin,  Virginia Tech
"Chemical and Phase Transformations of Layered Oxides in Batteries"
Host: Professor Yuan Yang

February 1
Professor and Department Chair, Materials Science and Engineering Paul C. McIntyre,  Stanford University
"Materials for Solar Fuels: Coupling Efficient Water Splitting Catalysts and High-Performance Photovoltaics by Atomic Layer Deposition"
Host: Professor Katayun Barmak

March 1
Professor Long- Qing Chen,  The Pennsylvania State University
"Phase-field Method of Microstructures and Properties of Materials"

Host: Professor Qiang Du

March 15
Professor Daniel Esposito,  Columbia University
Host: Professor James Im

April 19
Professor Gilbert Collins,  University of Rochester
Host: Professor Renata Wentzcovitch

April 26
Professor Yekaterina Epshteyn,  The University of Utah
"Grain Structure, Grain Growth and Evolution of the Grain Boundary Network"
Host: Professor Katayun Barmak

May 3 - Joint MS&E and Applied Mathematics Colloquium
Dr. Jun Lu,  Argonne National Laboratory
Host: Professor Yuan Yang


Fall 2018

September 14
M. Stanley Whittingham, Binghamton University, SUNY

September 21
Nikolaos Simos, Brookhaven National Laboratory

September 28
Naresh Thadhani, Georgia Tech

November 9
Kenneth F. Kelton, Washington University

November 14 (Wednesday, 10 AM, 214 Mudd)
Lin Zhou, Nanjing University 

November 16
Xiao-Qing Yang, Brookhaven National Laboratory

November 30
Ying Shirley Meng, University of California, San Diego - CANCELED 

December 3
Can-Ming Hu,  University of Manitoba, Canada

Spring 2018

January 26
Dr. Christian Lavoie, IBM
Title: Evolution of Contcts in Advanced CMOS: Using Synchrotron Characterization to Support Technology Development
Host: Katayun Barmak

February 2
Professor Christopher A. Schuh, MIT
Title:  How Grain Boundary Segregation Enables 3D Printing of Bulk Nanostructured Metals
Host:  Katayun Barmak

February 23
Professor Yossi Weizmann, The University of Chicago
Title: Synthetic Nucleic Acid Topology and Colloidal LEGO-Like Nanoparticles for Biological and PlasmonicApplications
Host: Oleg Gang

March 30 
Professor Kenneth F. Kelton, Washington University
Title: Structural Ordering and Dynamics in Metallic Glass-Forming Liquids Host: Simon Billinge

April 20 Dr. Mark Hybertsen, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Title: TBA
Host: Renata M. M. Wentzcovitch

April 25
Dr. Si Chen,  Argonne National Laboratory
Title: Trace Element Studies using Synchrotron-based Cryogenic X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy
Host: I. Cevdet Noyan

April 27 
Professor Hector D. Abruna, Cornell University
Title: Operando Methods for The Study of Energy Materials
Host: Yuan Yang

Fall 2017

Coordinator: Yuan Yang

September 8
Joint APAM-MSE Seminar
Dr. Payel Das, IBM
Title: Multi-scale modeling and data-driven approaches for soft matter characterization
Host:  I. Cevdet Noyan

September 15
Professor Vinothan N. Manoharan, Harvard University
Title:  Structural color: from bird feathers to materials.
Host:  Oleg Gang

September 29
Dr. Nancy J. Dudney, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Title: Material Science Investigations to Advance Li-ion and Li Metal Batteries
Host: Yuan Yang

October 6 
Professor Candace K. Chan, Arizona State University
Title: Electrochemistry of Clathrate Compounds
Host: Yuan Yang

October 27
Professor Esther Takeuchi, Stony Brook University
Title: Advancing Energy Storage through Materials: The need for multiscale investigation from the molecular to the mesoscale
Host: Yuan Yang

November 17
Dr. Maria K. Y. Chan, Argonne National Laboratory
Title: Characterizing renewable energy materials by combining first-principles modeling and x-ray and electron measurement
Host: Simon J. L. Billinge

Spring 2017

Coordinator: Yuan Yang

February 24
Professor Eriç R. Hürman,  University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Title: Numerical Model of Phase flows in Creusot-Loire Uddeholm (CLU) Stainless Steel/Ferroalloy Refining and Pierce Smith Copper Converters
Host:  I. Cevdet Noyan

March 10
Professor Javad Shabani, The City College of New York
Title: Two-dimensional epitaxial superconductor-semiconductor heterostructures: A platform for topological superconducting networks
Host: Simon J. L. Billinge

March 24 
Dr. Marca Doeff
, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: Materials for Next Generation Electric Vehicle Batteries
Host: Yuan Yang

April 14
Professor Kai Liu,  University of California, Davis
Title: Nanomagnetic Playground: Magnetic Skyrmions, Magneto-Ionics and HAMR Media
Host: William E. Bailey

April 21
Professor Frank Koppens,  The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain
Title: Quantum plasmonics, polaritons and strong light-matter interactions with 2d material heterostructures
Host: Chris A. Marianetti

April 26
Special date/time: Wednesday, 4:00-5:00 PM, Room 214 Mudd
Dr. Hendrik Ohldag, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Title: Ultrafast and Very Small: Discover Nanoscale Magnetism With Picosecond Time Resolution Using X-Rays
Host: William E. Bailey

April 28
Professor John P. Perdew,  Temple University
Title:  Density Functional Theory for Materials Discovery: Systematic Approximation and the SCAN Functional
Host: Chris A. Marianetti

Fall 2016

Coordinator: Yuan Yang

Wednesday, September 14
Special Materials Science & Engineering / Applied Mathematics Seminar 3.00pm Room 214 Mudd
Professor Martin Z. Bazant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title:  Control of Phase Transformations in Lithium Batteries
Host: Yuan Yang

September 23
Professor Michael J. Aziz, Harvard University
Title: Organic Aqueous Flow Batteries for Massive Electrical Energy Storage
Host: Yuan Yang

Tuesday, November 1 Special Materials Science & Engineering / Applied Mathematics Seminar 2.45pm Room 214 Mudd
Professor Phillip M. Duxbury, Michigan State University
Title:  Finding the local landscape and predicting dynamics at ultrafast timescales
Host: Simon Billinge

November 11
Professor Timothy P. Weihs, Johns Hopkins University
Title:  Reactive Materials: Scientific Investigations and Applications
Host: Katayun Barmak 

November 18 
Dr. Austin Akey, Harvard University
Title: Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Tomography: Directly Measuring the Atomic Origins of Macroscopic Function
Host: Irving P. Herman

December 8 Special Materials Science & Engineering Seminar 1.30pm Room 214 Mudd
Professor Guihua Yu,  The University of Texas at Austin
Title: Designing Functionality Into Nanostructured Electronic Gels Host:Yuan Yang

December 9
Professor Yet-Ming Chiang, MIT
Title: Turning Renewable Energy into Reliable Energy: Sulfur-BasedBatteries for Ultralow Cost Grid Storage
Host:Yuan Yang

Spring 2016

Coordinator: Chris A. Marianetti

February 12
Professor Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University
Title: Two-Dimensional Carbides: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Host: Yuan Yang

March 4
Professor David G. Cahill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Ultrafast heat transfer in nanoscale materials
Host: Yuan Yang

April 15
Professor Rachel A. Segalman, University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Designing Polymer and Hybrid Thermoelectrics
Host: Latha Venkataraman

April 29
11:10 AM, Room 825 Mudd
Professor Seth R. Marder, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Interface Chemistry for Organic Electronics and Opto-electronics
Host: Latha Venkataraman

Related Seminar

Special Materials Science & Engineering / Applied Mathematics Seminar
Thursday, May 5, 2016, 1:00 PM, Room 214 Mudd
Charles A. Bouman, Purdue University
Title: Integrated Imaging: Creating Images from the Tight Integration of Algorithms, Computation, and Sensors
Host: Simon Billinge

Fall 2015

September 18
Dr. Gabriel S. Ganot, Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting
Title:  It Broke – Now What?
Host: Chris Marianetti 

September 25
Professor Sossina M. Haile, Northwestern University, IL
Title:  Insights into Proton Transport in Superprotonic Solid Acids
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

October 9
Professor Patrick Woodward, Ohio State University, OH 
Title:  The Magnetism of Osmate Double Perovskites: Unraveling Superexchange Interactions Between 3d and 5d Transition Metal Ions. 
Host: Chris Marianetti

November 13
Dr. Benji Maruyama, Air Force Research Laboratory 
Title:  Autonomous Experimentation Applied to Carbon Nanotube Synthesis.
Host: Simon Billinge

December 4 
Professor Johnpierre Paglione, University of Maryland
Title: Tuning Electronic Structure and the Search for New Quantum States
Host: Chris Marianetti  

December 11
Dr.Mirabella Salvatore, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto per la  Microelettronica e Microsistemi, Università di Catania, Dip. Fisica e Astronomia, Catania, Italy
Title: The Key Role of Surface in Semiconductor Nanostructures for Photovoltaics and Sensing Applications
Host: Katayun Barmak

Spring 2015

January 29, 2015 -(Thursday, 10:30 AM, 214 Mudd)
Jian Liu, University of California, Berkeley
"Building Correlated Quantum Materials by the Design of Interfaces"
Host: Irving Herman

January 30 - CANCELLED

February 4, 2015 -(Wednesday, 10:30 AM, 214 Mudd)
Lei Fang, Northwestern University
"High Mobility Charge Carriers in Two-dimensional Semimetal [Pb2BiS3][AuTe2]
and Huge Critical Current Density in Iron-based Superconductor SmFeAsO0.8F0.15"

Host: Irving Herman

February 5, 2015 - (Thursday, 10:30 AM, 214 Mudd)
Carolina Adamo, Stanford University
"Engineering thin films and heterostructures by molecular beam epitaxy"
Host: Irving Herman

February 6, 2015 - Yuan Yang, MIT
"Electrochemical Materials and Devices for Energy Storage and Conversion"
Host: Irving Herman

February 13, 2015 - Susanne Lee, GE Research
"The Materials Science of X-ray Photonics and their Potential Role in Medical X-ray Dark Field Imaging"
Host: I.C. Noyan

March 13, 2015 - Evan Reed, Stanford University
"Emergent Phase Change and Electromechanical Properties of Two-Dimensional and Few-Layer Materials"

Host: Chris Marianetti

April 17, 2015 - Arvind Narayanaswamy, Columbia University
"Thermal momentum and energy transfer at short length scales - van der Waals adhesion and heat conduction in nanostructures"
Host: Siu - Wai Chan 

Spring 2014

September  26, 2014 -  Daniel Gall, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
"Materials Property Guessing:The Resistivity Problem"
Host: Katayun Barmak

October 3, 2014 -  Seiichiro Higashi, Hiroshima University
"Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing and Layer Transfer Technique for Thin-Film Device Fabrication on Glass and Plastic Substrates"
Host: James Im

October 10, 2014 - Tobias Hanrath, Cornell University
"Connecting the dots – transforming nanocrystal assemblies into atomically coherent 2D quantum dot solids"
Host: Irving Herman

October 24, 2014 -  Fengyuan Yang, The Ohio State University
"Pure spin transport in nonmagnetic, ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials using YIG-based heterostructures"
Host: William Bailey

October 31, 2014 -  Michael Fitzpatrick, Coventry University, UK
"Residual Stresses in Materials: why they matter for Structural Integrity, and how to measure them"
Host: I.C. Noyan

November 14, 2014 -  E. H. Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology
"Utilizing Engineered Carbon Surfaces – Fundamentals and Applications"
Host: James Im

November 21, 2014 -  Paul Evans, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Phase transitions, domains, and fluctuations in the dynamics of complex oxides"
Host: William Bailey

Spring 2014

May 2, 2014 - Manish Chhowalla, Rutgers University
Phase Engineering in 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Host: Siu-Wai Chan

April 29, 2014 - Carolina Adamo, Stanford University
Engineering thin films and heterostructures by molecular beam epitaxy
Hosts: Katayun Barmak and Chris Marianetti

April 23, 2014 - Lisa Chen, University of Pennsylvania
Investigating Thermally Activated Incipient Plasticity in Pd Nanowhiskers
Host: I.C. Noyan

April 18, 2014 - James Rondinelli, Drexel University
Versatile Abilities of Lattice Instabilities: New Design Strategies for Emergent Ferroics
Host: Chris Marianetti

April 4, 2014 - Peter Lu, Harvard University
Modern Math in Medieval Islamic Architecture
Host: Simon Billinge

February 28, 2014 - Kwang Taeg Rim, Columbia University
Investigation of Catalytic Reactions on Iron Oxide Surfaces towards the Understanding of Steam Reforming of Methanol with STM, TPD, DFT
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

Fall 2013

December 9, 2014 - Catherine Dubourdieu, CNRS, Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon
Monolithic integration of functional oxides on semiconductors by molecular beam epitaxy
Host: I.C. Noyan

November 22, 2013 - Sadamichi Maekawa, Advanced Science Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency / CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Spin-Motive Force as a New Energy Conversion Mechanism
Host: Simon Billinge

November 1, 2013 - Javier Tejada, University of Barcelona
Novel applications of high frequency radiation:
I - THz radiation and Art: a new tool in the inspection of cultural heritage.
II - Potential use of GHz radiation in medicine: study of the ageing of coronary stents
Host: Simon Billinge

October 25, 2013 - Chris Leighton, University of Minnesota
Engineering Interface Transport and Magnetism via Defect Control in Complex Oxide Heterostructures
Host: William Bailey

October 11, 2013 - Chang-Beom Eom, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Oxide Nanoelectronics
Host: Philip Kim

Spring 2013

June 6, 2013 - Hyunjoo Lee, Yonsei University, Seoul
Nanocatalyst Design by Modulating Shape and Composition
Host: I.C. Noyan

April 26, 2013 - Harald Fuchs, Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster, Germany
Generation and characterization of functional organic systems
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

April 12, 2013 - Himanshu Jain, Lehigh University
Glass in Action, Action in Glass
Host: Katayun Barmak

March 28, 2013 - Muriel Veron, Grenoble-INP
Crystal Orientation mapping in the Transmission Electron Microscope: Introduction to ACOM and ASTAR system
Host: Katayun Barmak

March 15, 2013 - Yury Gogotsi, A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology
Zero- to Three-Dimensional Carbon-Based Materials for Energy Storage
Host: Simon Billinge

March 1, 2013 - Jeff Terry, Illinois Institute of Technology
Synchrotron Radiation Studies of Advanced Nuclear Energy Materials
Host: I.C. Noyan

February 15, 2013 - Alexandra Navrotsky, UC Davis
Size-induced Shifts in the Thermodynamics of Nanophase Oxides and Implications for Materials Science, Geochemistry and Environmental Science

Host: Siu-Wai Chan

Fall 2012

December 5, 2012 - Catherine Dubourdieu, Grenoble - Institut des Nanotechnologies
Integration of ferroelectric oxides on silicon - Towards negative capacitance field-effect devices
Host: I.C. Noyan

November 30, 2012 - Shriram Ramanathan, Harvard University
Correlated Oxides: Materials physics and solid state devices
Host: Chris Marianetti

November 16, 2012 - Harry L. Tuller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thin Film Solid State Ionics: Opportunities, Challenges and New Developments
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

October 26, 2012 - Kwong-Yu Chan, University of Hong Kong
Energy Conversion in Well-defined Mesoporous Electrodes
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

October 12, 2012 - Seamus Davis, Cornell University
Visualizing Creation and Destruction of Heavy Fermions
Host: Simon Billinge

September 14, 2012 - Karl Sandeman, Imperial College London
(Tri)critical phase transitions in magnetocaloric materials
Host: William Bailey

Spring 2012

April 27, 2012 - Gregory A Stephenson, Eli Lilly and Company
Symmetry Breaking in Crystallizations: Different Polymorphic Selection by R- and S- Enantiomers in Achiral Media
(Missing polymorph of the Melatonin Agonist)
Host: I.C. Noyan

March 23, 2012 - Harold Weinstock, U.S. AFOSR
About AFOSR and Quantum Electronic Solids
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

March 9, 2012 - Jordi Mur-Petit, Instituto de FIsica Fundamental, IFF-CSIC, Madrid
Quantum Information Processing with Cold Molecular Ions
Host: I.C. Noyan

February 24, 2012 - Patricia Mooney, Simon Fraser University
Effects of N Incorporation on Defects at SiO2/SiC Interfaces
Host: I.C. Noyan

February 23, 2012 - Ildar Salakhutdinov, Columbia University
Negative Refractive Index Materials: Interpretation Problems
Host: I.C. Noyan

February 10, 2012 - Jeffrey M. Rickman, Lehigh University
The Role of Obstacles in Diffusive Transport and Defect Mobility
Host: Katayun Barmak

Fall 2011

December 2, 2011 - Philip E. Batson, Rutgers University
Plasmonic Forces in Nanoscale Metal Clusters: Playing Nano-Billiards with the Electron Microscope
Host: Katayun Barmak

November 4, 2011 - Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, Yale University
Nanoscale couplings across transition metal oxide interfaces
Host: Chris Marianetti

October 21, 2011 - Karl-Heinz Ernst, Laboratory for Nanoscale Materials Science
Modification of surfaces with buckybowls
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

October 7, 2011 - Xinhe Bao, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Nano and Interfacial Catalysis
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

Spring 2011

July 15, 2011 - Jozef Keckes, University of Leoben, Austrian Academy of Science
Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Thin Films and Small Structures Characterized by SYNCHROTRON X-ray Diffraction
Host: I.C. Noyan

April 22, 2011- Jingyu Lin, Texas Tech University
III-nitride micro- and nano-photonics
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

April 8, 2011 - Sang-Wook Cheong, Rutgers University
Topological Vortices and Graph Theory
Host: Chris Marianetti

March 25, 2011 - Renu Sharma, NIST & Arizona State University
Combining Synthesis and Characterization of nanomaterials using Transmission Electron Microscope
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

March 11, 2011 - Deborah Chung, University of Buffalo
Carbon materials for structural self-sensing, vibration damping, electromagnetic shielding and thermal contact improvement
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

February 25, 2011- Jake Khurgin, Johns Hopkins University
Engineering the Disorder in Optical and Electronic Devices
Host: Ildar Salakhutdinov

February 11, 2011- Matt Miller, Cornell University
Using High Energy X-ray Diffraction to Quantify the Micromechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials
Host: I.C. Noyan

January 28, 2011 - Ivan Avrutsky, Wayne State University
Extreme Confinement with Plasmonic Modes
Host: Ildar Salakhutdinov

January 24, 2011 - Taek-Soo Kim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)
Strategies for securing rare metals in Korea: National cooperation for sustainable development
Host: I.C. Noyan

Fall 2010

December 3, 2010 - Andrea C. Ferrari, University of Cambridge
Nanotechnology: with graphene, nanotubes and diamond-like carbon
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

November 19, 2010 -  Craig Fennie, Cornell University
Multifunctional multiferroic oxides by design: Closing the loop, from models in the computer to real materials in the lab
Host: Chris Marianetti

November 12, 2010 - June Lau, NIST
Correlating microstructure with magnetic properties variation in patterned magnetic nanostructures with transmission electron microscopy
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

October 22, 2010 - Jean L. Leblanc, UPMC - Paris-Sorbonne Universites & Polymer Rheology & Processing, France
If you can make some calculation, you know something of your subject: an illustration with filled rubber compounds
Host: I.C. Noyan

October 08, 2010 - Olivia Graeve, Alfred University
New Synthesis and Sintering Methods in Materials Research
Host: I.C. Noyan

September 24, 2010 - Kevin Moore, LLNL
X-ray and electron microscopy of actinide materials: Fundamentals for nuclear energy and atomic crystal structure
Host: Chris Marianetti

Spring 2010

April 30, 2010 - Jonathan Spanier, Drexel University
Finite curvature: ferroelectricityand electronic transport in single- and multi-component nanostructuredmaterials
Host: Irving Herman

April 23, 2010 - Mark Tuckerman - New York University
Proton transport in aqueous and non-aqueous media studied by first-principles molecular dynamics
Host: Chris Marianetti

April 9, 2010 - Dane Morgan, University of Wisconsin
New Approaches to Modeling Fuel Cells: Catalytic Activity and Stability in PEMFC and SOFC
Host: Chris Marianetti

March 12, 2010 - Michael B. Prime, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Residual Stress Mapping with the Contour Method: Experimental Mechanics Novelty and Lessons
Host: I.C. Noyan

March 5, 2010 - Tom Healy, University of Melbourne
The Electrokinetic Properties of Colloidal Magnetic Iron Oxides
Host: P. Somasundaran

January 29, 2010 - Lin Shao, Texas A&M University
Application of radiation materials science: from microelectronics to nuclear reactors
Host: Siu-Wai Chan

Fall 2009

December 4, 2009 - Michael E. Manley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Intrinsic localized modes of atomic motion and their impact on materials properties

November 13, 2009 - Fred Scholl, IBM Systems & Technology
Lifecycle of a ULSI chip from development to manufacturing

October 23, 2009 - Leslie H. Allen, University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
Nanocalorimetry of Materials Confined to Small Dimensions

October 9, 2009 - Cynthia L. Schwartz, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Proton Radiography: Studying Dynamic Properties of Shock-Loaded Materials

September 25, 2009 - Xianqin Wang, New Jersey Institute of Technology
H2 Production from Biomass over Transition Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: A Metal-Support Interaction Study

Spring 2009

April 24, 2009 - Richard G. Hennig, Cornell University
"Creatio Ex Nihilo or the Ab Initio Prediction of Crystal Structure Formation"

April 10, 2009 - Sandra J. Rosenthal, Vanderbilt University
"Structure-Property Relationships in Functional Nanocrystals: From Single Protein Trafficking to White Light, Solid State Lighting"

March 13, 2009 - Jeffrey O. Bunch, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
Test Demonstrated Damage Tolerance Capability of Lugs with ForceMate® Bushings

February 27, 2009 - Phillip M. Duxbury, Michigan State University
Computational geometry, combinatorial optimization and nanostructure determination

January 30, 2009 - V. Renugopalakrishnan, Northeastern University
Alternate Sources of Green Renewable Energy: An Approach From Nanoscience, Life Sciences & Materials Science

January 23, 2009 - Yigal Komem, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Titanium Oxide Thin Film Gas Sensors

Fall 2008

November 14, 2008 - Abbas Ourmazd, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Structure from Fleeting Illumination of Faint Spinning Objects in Flight

October 24, 2008 - Eric Chason, Brown University
How non-equilibrium thin film conditions affect residual stress and morphology evolution

October 3, 2008 - Larry Cook
Nanocalorimetric Investigation of Interfacial Stability in Advanced Electronic Materials

September 19, 2008 -  A.D. Rollett, S.-B. Lee, G.S. Rohrer, R.A. Lebensohn
3D Digital Polycrystals and Microstructure-Property Relationships

September 12, 2008 - Alastair N. Cormack, Alfred University
Atomistic Computer Simulations of Ceramics and Glass

Spring 2008

May 9, 2008 - Ronaldo Mota, Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria-RS, Brazil
First Principles Calculations in Carbon Nanostructures Functionalized with Transition Metals

May 2, 2008 - Hongjun Gao, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Construction and Physical Properties of a Single Molecular Device

April 25, 2008 - Mehmet Sahiner, Seton Hall University
Applications of a Local Structural Probe in Challenging Problems of Semiconductor Materials

April 11, 2008 - I-Wei Chen, University of Pennsylvania
Transition Metal Oxide Electronics

April 4, 2008 - Chris Marianetti, LLNL
Predicting materials properties using density functional theory and the dynamical mean-field theory

April 2, 2008 - Stefano Curtarolo, Duke University
Experimenting with Quantum-Thermodynamics and Superconductivity

March 28, 2008 - Winnie Wong-Ng and Dr. Lawrence Cook, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Thermoelectric Research at the Ceramics Division of National Institute of Standards & Technology

March 24, 2008 - Olivia Graeve, University of Nevada, Reno
Precipitation Processes for the Synthesis of Nanostructured Powders

March 27, 2008 - Elaine Haberer, University of California, Santa Barbara
A Merging of Materials and Device Perspectives through Fabrication and Assembly: GaNMicrodisksand Bio‐TemplatedPhotovoltaic Materials

March 10, 2008 - Geng Feng, Brown University
Nanomechanical Characterization and Modeling

March 6, 2008 - Maitri Warusawithana, Pennsylvania State University
New Electronic Functionality and Quantum Devices through Nanostructured Interfaces

March 3, 2008 - Robin Hayes, New York University
Nanostructured Materials Design from First Principles: Where Chemistry Meets Engineering

February 26, 2008 - Michael J. Demkowicz, LANL
Enabling design of materials by understanding unit mechanisms of atomic structure evolution

February 14, 2008 - Bart Bollen, IMCE
Impulse excitation technique

February 8, 2008 - Amy Blum, Naval Research Laboratory
Molecular memory circuits on a nanoscale scaffold

Fall 2007

November 20, 2007 - Don Brown, Los Alamos National Lab
Beyond Slip : Using Neutron Diffraction and Polycrystalline Plasticity Models to Understand Plastic Deformation in Anisotropic Materials

November 9, 2007 - Chonglin Chen, UTSA Physics and Astronomy
Interface Engineered Multifunctional Thin Films and Anomalous Phenomena

November 2, 2007 - Hong Li, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Nanostructured materials for Li-ion batteries and solid oxide fuel cells

October 26, 2007 - Herbert J. Goldenberg, City Testing and Research, Linden, NJ
Tales from the Metallurgical Lab

October 17, 2007 - Helmut Schaeben, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Modern Texture Analysis with Integral Measurements

Spring 2007

April 27, 2007 - Frédérick Roussel - Université du Littoral-Côte d’Opale – France
Liquid Crystal Dispersions: from phase separation dynamics to display applications

April 13, 2007 - James M. Ablett, National Synchrotron Light Source, BNL
Hard X-ray Micro-spectroscopy at the X27A National Synchrotron Light Source Beamline

March 23, 2007 - Dunbar P. Birnie, III, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Structural Templating of Nano-particle Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

February 23, 2007 - Craig B. Arnold, Princeton University
Laser processing and transport in materials from energy storage to bioengineering

Fall 2006

December 15, 2006 - Elio Vescovo, National Synchrotron Light Source
Thin Film Magnetism: A Photoemission Approach

November 30, 2006 - Andrew Briggs, University of Oxford
Molecular Nanomaterials for Quantum Information Processing

November 17, 2006 - Manish Chhowalla, Rutgers University
Single wall carbon nanotube thin films

November 10, 2006 - Shriram Ramanathan, Harvard University
Synthesis, characterization and transport in nanoscale oxides

October 27, 2006 - John Kymissis, Columbia University
Five problems with OFETs and how to solve them

October 13, 2006 - Wei-Kan Chu, University of Houston, Texas
Recent Application of Ion Beam:
(1) Lattice Dynamics of YBCO, and
(2) Control of Boron Diffusivity in Si

September 22, 2006 - Shyam Vyas, Accelrys Software Inc. (joint seminar with EAEE)
Applications of molecular modelling in materials science and engineering.

Spring 2006

July 14, 2006 - Yongjae Lee, Yonsei University
Designer Powder Crystallography of Zeolites at Synchrotron Sources

May 12, 2006 - James Michael Ablet, National Synchrotron Light Source, BNL

April 28, 2006 - Jörg Maser, Argonne National Laboratory
Hard x-ray Microscope at the Advanced Photon Source

April 14, 2006 - Michael Thompson, Cornell University
Characterization of Electronic Charge Trap States in Thin Film Polymer Ferroelectrics

March 24, 2006 - Guozhong Cao, University of Washington
Solution Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of V2O5 Nanostructures

March 20, 2006 - Tamás Ungár, Eötvös University Budapest
What can X-ray diffraction patterns tell about microstructure

March 10, 2006 - Clemens Burda, Case Western Reserve University
Semiconductor Nanostructures and Optical Applications

February 27, 2006 - Ke Chen, The Penn State University
Ion-damaged YBCO and planar MgB2 Josephson junctions

February 24, 2006 -  Sigurd Wagner, Princeton University
Materials and mechanics for flexible electronic surfaces

February 10, 2006 - Adrian Mann, Rutgers University
Mineralized Tissues and Disease: A Materials Approach

Fall 2005

December 9, 2005 - John P. Leonard, University of Pittsburgh
Excimer laser synthesis and microstructural modification of thin films on amorphous SiO2 underlayers

November 18, 2005 - Ulrike Diebold, Tulane University
An Atomic-Scale View of Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces

Spring 2005: not available

Fall 2004: not available

Spring 2004: not available

Fall 2003

November 12, 2003 - Helen M. Kerch, U.S. Department of Energy
What’s New in DOE’s Neutron Scattering Program

October 29, 2003 - Tan Ming Jen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Superplasticity in Light Alloys

October 15, 2003 - Yimei Zhu, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Seeing is Believing: advanced electron microscopy and its applications

September 24, 2003 - Carl E. Patton, Colorado State University
Microwave Envelope Solitons in Magnetic Thin Films

Spring 2003

June 5, 2003 - W. A. Harrison, Stanford University
A Semiclassical Theory of Glasses

May 9, 2003 - Jose Rodriguez, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Properties of CeO2 and Ce1-xZrxO2 Nanoparticles: XANES, Density Functional, and Time-Resolved XRD Studies

May 7, 2003 - Vasili Perebeinos, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Novel and Nanoscale Materials: Density Functional Theory and Beyond

April 23, 2003 - Peter Stephens, State University, Stony Brook
Modern Powder Diffraction:  from Fullerenes to Malaria

February 12, 2003 - Laszlo Mihaly, Stony Brook University
“High Field Electron Spin Resonance Studies on LaMnO3”

Fall 2002

November 20, 2002 - Charles H. Ahn, Yale Univerisity
Epitaxial Ferroelectric Heterostructures: Writing Electronic Nanofeatures and Electrostatic Modulation of High Tc Superconductivity

October 2, 2002 - Mark S. Hybertsen, Agere Systems
Microscopic Understanding of Semiconductor Diode Laser Performance for Telecommunications Applications"

September 18, 2002 - Snorri Ingvarrson, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights
What Causes Magnetization Relaxation in Ferromagnetic Transition Metals?

September 11, 2002 - Ivan Bozovic, Stanford University
Atomically smooth high-Tc films and sandwich junctions: a quest for Stripes, preformed pairs, and spin-charge separation

Spring 2002

May 8, 2002 - Yves J. Chabal, Agere Systems
Searching for interface perfection: A mechanistic investigation of semiconductor oxidation

May 6, 2002 - I. Cevdet Noyan, IBM Research, T.J. Watson Laboratory
X-ray Microdiffraction and Stress/Strain Analysis in the Semiconductor Industry

May 1, 2002 - Robert D. Shull, NIST
New Directions in Magnetism: Magnetic Nanocomposites

April 24, 2002 - John Rogers, Bell Labs
NanopatterningTechniques and Materials for Organic Electronic Systems

April 10, 2002 - Y. Zhu, Brookhaven National Lab
Materials Science at Nano-scale revealed by Advanced Electron

February 27, 2002 - R. Bruce van Dover, Agere Systems
Physics and materials science of novel integrated circuit materials and devices

Fall 2001

November 14, 2001 - Michael W. Lane, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
The Relationship Between Interfacial Chemistry
and Interfacial Adhesion

October 31, 2001 - I. Cevdet Noyan, IBM Research Division, Yorktown Heights
Scanning x-ray microtopography analysis of Electromigration in ulsi metallization

October 24, 2001 - Laura H. Lewis, Brookhaven National Laboratory
From Anarchy to Oligarchy: Structure-Magnetism Connections in Magnetic NanoSystems

October 17, 2001 - David L. Windt, Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory
Multilayer X-Ray Optics for Astronomy and Solar Physics: From Sub-Nanometer Interface Control to Black Holes

October 10, 2001 - Dave Gupta, Polytechnic University of New York
Diffusion processes in some high temp super conducting cuprates

September 26, 2001 - Robert Bruce van Dover, Agere Systems
Novel dielectrics for hyperscaledfield-effect transistors

Spring 2001

April 18, 2001 - J. Daniel Bryan, University of California Santa Barbara
Investigations into Group IV Clathrate Compounds and Their Potential Application Toward Thermoelectricity

April 12, 2001 - Arthur Nowick, Columbia University
Through the Looking Glass: the Strange World of Low-temperature Relaxations in Ionic Crystals

April 11, 2001 - Michael Weinberg, The University of Arizona
Nucleation and Metastable Crystal Phase Formation in Simple Inorganic Glasses"

April 4, 2001 - Caroline A. Ross, MIT
Patterned Media for High Density Recording

March 28, 2001 - Katayun Barmak, Carnegie Mellon University
Phase Transformations in Polycrystalline Thin Films: Experiment, Theory and Simulation

March 21, 2001 - Chris Palmstrom, University of Minnesota
Growth and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Compound/Compound Semiconductor Heterostructures: a Path Towards Spintronics

March 7, 2001 - Maria Tamargo, CUNY
Wide Bandgap II-VI Compounds for Visible Light Emitters: Is There Life After Nitrides?

February 28, 2001 - John Abelson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Microstructures of Thin Film Silicon:
Medium-Range Order in the Amorphous Phase and Sub-Boundary Disorder in the Crystalline Phase

February 7, 2001 - David O. Welch, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Crystal Lattice Defects in Cuprate Superconductors:The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

January 24, 2001 - Vijay Modi, Columbia University
Measurement of Shear and Traction Using Hot Wire Anemometry and MEMS

Fall 2000

November 8, 2000 - Sheldon M. Wiederhorn, NIST

October 4, 2000 - Marjolein van der Voort, Columbia University
Dynamics of Vibrations in Amorphous Silicon

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