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Quantum Interference May Be Key To Smaller Insulators

Researchers have upended conventional wisdom, synthesizing the first molecule capable of insulating at the nanometer scale more effectively than a vacuum barrier. Their findings were published online in Nature. Co-author Latha Venkataraman heads the lab where researcher Haixing Li conducted the project’s experimental work.

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Gaeta & Lipson: Dual Frequency Comb Generated on a Single Chip Using a Single Laser

Professors Michal Lipson and Alexander Gaeta have miniaturized dual-frequency combs by putting two frequency comb generators on a single millimeter-sized chip.

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Weinstein Receives SIAM's 2018 Martin Kruskal Prize

Michael I. Weinstein, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics, was selected as SIAM's 2018 Martin Kruskal Prize Lecturer.

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